The Verifier Inspection System

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The Lite-Check VERIFIER 1010 provides a high speed trailer diagnostic and inspection device that produces an advanced data and diagnostic report of a trailer's ABS, RSS, brakes, electrical, air, lights, and more.

Additionally the Verifier provides the ability to conduct a fully compliant DOT inspection using TMC recommended practices and FHMA guidelines, or a fully customized PM inspection, with one tech and one pass around the trailer.

The inspection, report, and information gets uploaded to your secure company cloud-based account.

This gives you:

  • Access from any computer, tablet, smart phone with approved credentials
  • Secure access
  • Managed data by trailer, trailer type, inspection, site, customer, and status.
  • Mass upload all existing trailers
  • Reduced errors by providing dropdown menus for trailer type, VIN, tech, site, customer, etc
  • Insight into fleet status, including immediate view of trailers that are OOS vs Road ready, due inspection within the next 30 days, trailer history, etc.

Benefits of the Verifier System include:

  • Reduced time and cost of inspections.
  • Reduced troubleshooting time.
  • Increased productivity and number of trailers inspected.
  • Increased reliability, accuracy and quality of inspections, reduced administrative time and costs.

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Inspection System

Lite-Check Verifier Cloud System

Lite-Check Verifier Cloud System

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