Lights, Air, ABS, and Printed reports

meeting preventative maintenance and safety Rp's

Eye on the future of technology

Keeping pace with current technology to provide the industry with the top-of-the-line in diagnostic systems while keeping a steady eye on on the future. This ensures that you and your shop will always have exactly what you need, now and tomorrow.


Current methods we see in shops require multiple tools to inspect lights, brakes and ABS. Technicians are not getting enough information and it leads to wrong diagnostics. Parts are swapped out just to find the fault has not gone away. The results are high maintenance costs, wasted components, excessive downtime and higher road costs.

Cutting edge technology for every aspect of the trailer maintenance industry and specifically designed to suit the needs of the technician. Advance your shop potential with a Lite-Check diagnostic system tailored to suit your shop needs and bottom line goals.



"Love the tool and cannot imagine life before the INSPECTOR. It saves them tons of time, especially checking brakes."

John Decker, Shop Forman at APL, WA


"The best benefit is the productivity. Our goal is efficiency, and LITE-CHECK has helped tremendously with that."

Richard, Utility, TX


"We have cut our PM time per trailer in half. Having the ability to access the ABS info is awesome. I am glad I decided to spend the extra money and get the 920 instead of the other brands we were looking at. You have a great product."

F. Wayne Montgomery, Superior Oil, IN